The J personality types

This is my attempt at describing personality types based on my own experiences till this point.


  1. Dent in the universe: These kind of people want to change the world for the better. They are highly motivated and want to achieve things. Their motivations could be anything – fame, riches or adoration but they do end up making a name for themselves in history. They are hardworking, energetic and have clear ambitions in life. A person 100% belonging to this category can make a wonderful employee. But I wouldn’t want such a person for a domestic partner in a personal space.
  2. Leaf in the wind: These are the relaxed kind of people and float along in the wind enjoying the view. They don’t have too many agendas and are adjustable in nature. They don’t like to get into fights and aren’t very forceful (just like a leaf). Such a person would make a lazy employee but an amazing person to be with in personal life.
  3. Let the world burn: These are the folks who derive satisfaction from others misery. They are destructive and harm everything in their path. These folks are the criminals, violent life-partners. They might make decent foot soldiers but even that is questionable because their motivations are pure destruction. The modern society has no place for such people in general and has systems in place to curb their destructive desires.


Usually, there are very few folks belonging to only one of those categories and the world is populated with the ones that exhibit all three to certain degrees. The descriptions I gave above are if someone belongs 100% to that category. Belonging to #1 in professional life and #2 in personal life is my personal goal.


Annual Diary – 2017

2017 was a good year in general.


  1. Got through my probation period at work without any issues. Finished 1 year soon after.
  2. Put on good amount of weight finally and currently hovering at 70kgs.
  3. Travelled to so many new countries that I imposed a ban in the second half of 2017 – no new countries for 6 months
  4. Started driving on the right side of the road. 1st accident in Europe (minor scratch covered by insurance)
  5. Finished my 2017 bucket list including tattoo and air balloon ride
  6. Siri finished 1 year – was part of crawling to walking process where she could walk while holding my hand
  7. Ended some relationships that weren’t good.
  8. Stuck through my 6 month goals of no sugar (1st half of 2017)

Check list for first half of 2018

  1. Move to a studio and start cooking regularly
  2. Am posting too many things on facebook. Self-imposed ban of no more “checkins” for 6 months
  3. Tidy up my 1st novel and get it checked by someone
  4. Stop putting on more weight and limit to under 72 kilos.
  5. Write at least 3 blog posts

Dr. Strange Thej

I was talking to a friend about this and thought I would write this down. We were discussing about the dimensions parallel worlds etc and I remembered I had seen a video which explained what a each of the 11 dimensions string theory says are. This leads me to a slightly different idea about what consciousness is. Have been postponing blogging about this for a while now and decided to write it down today.

What if consciousness is the ability to travel between universes and not just the three that we know we regularly do? And what if the unit of measurement for consciousness is the number of universes that we can travel between? Let me put down the framework for my theory. We might already be traveling through regularly and not even know it.

Okay, enough questions, time for some explanation of my theory (well not actually a scientific theory because scientific theory needs theoretical proof which I don’t have at this point)


Imagine a multi-verse of all possibilities – every single one of the possibilities exist connected by threads of varying directional strength. To explain what I mean by directional strength, consider me (Thej Siddhotam), trying to type one random english alphabet after this sentence. D. I typed D there correct? Let’s call the possibility universe where I was deciding what to type ‘ALPHA.  Now imagine that there were 26 different possible universes where I typed a different English letter. And all these 26 possibility universes branch out from the possibility universe where I was deciding what to type and are strongly connected to it. My consciousness for whatever reason, moved to the possibility universe D. Essentially what I am trying to say is consciousness is nothing but a choice engine that allows you to move between empty shells of possible universes that are strongly connected. My consciousness in the above example was only aware of 26 strongly connected possibility universes in front of it and then chose to go to the possibility universe D. I also mentioned directional strength – while the universes A, B, C, D etc are connected strongly to ALPHA, ALPHA isn’t strongly connected to any of those. So while my consciousness travels with ease from ALPHA to D, it’s not easy for it to tread backwards. Similarly, all the possibility universes are connected to each other but extremely weakly. My consciousness isn’t even aware of them let alone travel to those universes.

Now, that I painted my picture of consciousness and multiverse, let me attempt to go to the next step about measuring the strength of consciousness. My consciousness, however strong I consider it to be is only able to recognize the 26 universes ahead ALPHA. But if I was someone who had a powerful consciousness, I could travel to weakly connected universes too – this involves simple scenarios like


  1. Teleportation: Finding a possibility universe where my body is at my destination but everything else is exactly same and then jump to that universe.
  2. Time Travel: Going in reverse direction to a possibility universe which I already have been to.

And really complex scenarios like

  1. Going into mythological realms (I don’t see why they aren’t possible in a multiverse)
  2. Being able to look at all the possible universes and jumping into the ones that are convenient for me and so always leading an extremely happy life and immortal


To summarize: Every possibility universe is just a snapshot of all dimensions. Consciousness allows you to jump from each of these snapshots each of these jumps can only pass through when there is a strong connection between these universes.


Annual diary – 2016

This year has been extremely polar – the first half of the year was too leisurely and the second half extremely busy. Anyway, listing down major events

  1. Moved to Eindhoven – most ppl found it boring but I found it to be peaceful. There was a lake nearby which I would go to often and read a book. This was a rather interesting change from Rotterdam. Also towns like Duerne and Maastricht were closeby for one day trips.
  2. Quit Philips – My internship was till March end and it was fun while it lasted. Some interesting events happened in the office which I cannot reveal on public platforms like this. Coffee breaks and long lunches and working at least once a week from home was fun. Had time to cook good food and enjoy in general.
  3. First time with a child – My niece was born and it was a weird feeling holding a child. Feels good when you are able to stop a baby from crying and when she grasps your finger with her hand. I started imitating her crying – yingee, yingee and was afraid I would utter it involuntarily when in public (didn’t happen)
  4. Moved to Luxembourg – Moving to a new country altogether didn’t feel strange at all and felt natural to me. Am glad I am becoming a global citizen. Luxembourg is a bit like Eindhoven but with more places to travel for weekends. A bit of irony and fate here – I had rejected an MBA offer from Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg in 2014 and when I came here last year for a visit, the experience was so bad that I had decided never to come again. And yet, here i am.
  5. Working at Amazon – The amount of responsibility you are given and the instant impact of your work here is astounding. I joined just in time to be able to contribute to the peak season and it does feel good. I think I more or less understood the way of things here – culture etc and hope to be able to fit in nicely. Feels good to be giving advice etc to folks who joined after me 🙂
  6. Relationships – I haven’t made too many new lasting relationships this year. I did get a lot more closer to a couple of friends and made a few new friends but I still feel a bit lacking here. Maybe its because my prior year was an MBA where I made so many friends and this year was bound to be less than that.
  7. Travel – In essence, I lived in 3 countries this year. 6 months in Netherlands, 1 month in India and 5 months in Luxembourg. And I have been to 4 other countries (5 if you count my new years trip to Geneva this weekend).
  8. Other interesting things
    1. I stood in two places at once (Netherlands and Belgium border)
    2. Ran a motor boat onto someones face
    3. Ended up at a wrong airport but still caught the flight from the other airport
    4. Got navigated to a hotel 60 miles away from where I was supposed to be (thank you Lumia)
    5. Haven’t touched meat or alcohol for nearly 6 months (gonna start again in 2017)
    6. Switched to an IPhone.
    7. Shaved my head and liking the look
    8. Dressed like batman – been called the skinniest batman

Bucket list for next year:

  1. At least 5 new countries to travel
  2. Get on a hot air-balloon
  3. Get my driving license
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Start running again
  6. At least decide on what European language i need to learn

To the grave and beyond

They were calling it NBP – the New Black Plague. The world population has now been reduced to a third of what it used to be. It has destroyed both the developed and underdeveloped countries alike. It originated in South America two years ago and for a while it seemed to be contained within the continent. All hell broke loose when it reached India and the US simultaneously. No one knew how that happened because all of a sudden hundreds of people were infected and not in any isolated geographic area within the countries. This lead to a total chaos and soon it spread to every country in the world. The human kind failed in the race to create a vaccine and now is fighting to contain.

Tanya was brought in yesterday and locked up in a sterilized glass room with 10 other infected people. They all had a cubicle each with a bed and were getting excellent food but were not allowed leave. The very day she arrived, someone died in the room and the body was incinerated. She was told that no one had survived for more than two weeks. The blood loss through the eyes becomes extreme and you die of blood loss. The only last wishes they can get it, they can ask for any food they want to eat for the two weeks they were alive but that was it. The rooms which looked glass museums were so simple that you could just walk inside without any key. Leaving it, was another matter altogether. Well, there was at least good food while you wait for your death. She could feel the blood starting to ooze out of her eyes again. She resigned to her fate and waited for Raj to come see her.

Two days had passed and she started feeling a lot weaker already. Sadder than anything for her was the fact that Raj was nowhere around. She loved him truly and it came as a shocker that Raj hadn’t visited yet. Did something happen to him? But the nurse told her she talked to him and he had refused to meet her. What was happening? Did he feel he would get infected just by seeing her? Or was he too afraid to see her in that position? Yes, that must be it. But she dearly wished he would come.

One more day passed and still no sign of Raj. At this point, anger had taken over Tanya. Raj, the love of her life simply didn’t care enough for her. It was at that point that she heard the commotion outside. A lot of footsteps and someone shouting “Stop”. She raised her head and saw the security guards running towards her room following some guy. Shockingly, the guy ran straight into the containment room. What a stupid thief, thought Tanya, running from the fire into the frying pan, more like hell. It was then she looked the thief’s face – RAJ??

In the next few minutes, the security guards discussed what to do, call the superintendent and they finally decided nothing could be done. Trying to get Raj out was out of question. If he wanted to die with the girl he loved, let him. Tanya, held onto Raj, happy but sad at the same time. Nothing makes you happier than to know that someone would follow you to the grave. But at the same time, she was shocked that he was going to suffer the same fate as her. In about an hour or so, he would bleed from his eyes too.



Their marriage was attended by the newly appointed Prime minister. Raj was the obvious choice but he had declined saying he just wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tanya and lead a normal life. Tanya’s vows were going to be saved in the History books forever

“Raj, your refusal to let me die alone, your capacity for infinite love not just saved my life but saved us all from certain extinction. I am so blessed to become your wife and I’ll always love you just the way you love me too”



When Raj had entered the containment room, everyone had written him off. But even after several hours when his eyes didn’t start to bleed, they had to investigate. Turned out that Raj had a mutated gene that had never been seen on the planet and it was not just resistant but attacked the NBP virus. The fact that the only person that could save the planet had decided to die for the one he loved was almost divine.


Maybe, maybe love is the ultimate savior.

End of world Skill


I was watching a movie today where a bunch of people faced with prospect of extinction decide who gets to be saved. This is decided based on whether or not their skills are useful in the world after apocalypse. The exact scenario is this – world is about to end and there is one bunker that can save ten lives. Those ten will probably be the only people surviving after the apocalypse. In such scenarios skills like carpenter or baby sitter would be far more important skills than that of a software developer or an MBA grad. What would a software developer do in a world without computers? I can put up a case for the usefulness of an MBA grad in such a case but even that is slightly shaky.
This got me thinking – what would I carry forward if the world ends? What skills do I have that a medieval world would need? I can speak 4 languages but 3 of them are Indian languages which is an advantage if this survival thing happens when I am in India but is of no consequence if I am elsewhere. I can ride horses and I can swim which again aren’t much of a skill in several parts of the world. I can cook decent food which might actually be a very good point. I didn’t complete my shooting lessons and even if I had, archery would be a far more useful skill in this scenario. I can do a bit of theatre, perhaps I can convince others and more importantly myself that my value as an entertainer would be useful but that isn’t looking very strong as well. Doing a basic first aid course or even being a masseuse are far more attractive skills. Similarly writing and poetry are shaky as well.
So, the outcome of this thought experiment is that such a scenario is probably not going to take place. Nevertheless, I decided to learn a few of these primary skills soon – fishing, climbing trees, starting a fire etc. And I urge you to think about your own primary skills as well.

I am a Contradiction

I am evil, am an angel, am human as well.

Which one am I for you? I cannot yet tell.


I am free, I am chained or am I like a tree?

Willfully locked even if I have the key.


Am I slow? Am I fast but don’t know?

But I will make it, if somewhere I have to go.


I am strong, I am weak and I am both

As I am needed or wanted, I come forth.


I am evil, am an angel, am human as well.

Which one am I for you? I won’t yet tell.




Fun with Lumia (Windows Phone 8)

Today, I was playing around with my Lumia and I discovered some (security issues) things that I didn’t know before. All of these things are with Cortana enabled on lock screen by the way. There is an option to disable this feature too of course. For all of the below things you don’t need to unlock your phone. So any person who gets hold of your phone can do these things without knowing the password for unlocking your phone.

 1.       Saying “Where is my home” or “Where do I work” shows the location with address of your home or place of work. Ideally the phone should disable showing personalized locations under lock screen.


2.       Asking for the schedule of any day of the year shows me the events with the date and time and also the exact address of my meetings. Just name of the meeting with times should be fine. Exact location shouldn’t be shown.


3.       You can say stuff like “Call Johnny” etc. and it actually makes the call without unlocking the phone. The bad part is, someone can easily see the mobile number of that person you are calling. Calling them is probably okay but showing the number is not.



Overall, even if these things happen it’s probably okay if the average user knew about these things before enabling Cortana. The trouble is, I am extremely doubtful that’s the case. I need to get my hands on an IPhone to see how it handles these.