Return to the house of Kamshet!!

This was my second visit to this place. Naren, Nagaraju, Vaibhav and I had planned to go. Naren fell sick and couldn’t come but Nagaraju’s wife, Sarala and daughter, cute little Ahika joined. We reached the house after having breakfast.

The plan for the day was to visit a nearby waterfall and do some trekking in the hills around, comeback and swim if time permits. We played Jenga for a while, had lunch, gave a half hour break and then went along to see the falls (Sarala was baby-sitting Ahika in the house only). Vaibhav, Nagaraju and another guy from a different group started for the water-falls. We reached there, it wasn’t glorious or anything but good all the same. Now I was wearing my trek shoes, supposed to be useful to climb in all sort of terrain. As soon as I put my first step on the rocks, I realized it was slippery. I was careful enough but still in another few seconds fell. I managed to catch my glasses from falling down and got back up. I told others that shoes are a bad idea in this place and removed them.

Nagaraju followed me with Vaibhav behind him. The other guy, saw me fall and decided to bunk and headed back to the house. Now, I just finished removing the shoes that I heard a sound. Vaibhav had fallen down this time. Nagaraju was making fun of him and before he could finish his sentence, he fell down too. Having learnt the lesson, we all removed shoes, got into shorts and went to the rest of the falls, barefoot. There was a small cave on top which I managed to climb too. Was feeling good about everything. We spent about half an hour in the water and then decided to go trekking further up.

Nagaraju, Vaibhav put on their shoes very carefully and went to the muddy non-slippery area. I was still filled with the feeling of achievement for being able to climb till the cave and was in a hurry to start the trek as well. The end result, I was wearing shoes without bothering to sit down with one leg in the air on the slipper rock. End result – yep you guessed it, a second later I realized I was lying flat on my belly. Cursing myself, I got back up only to see red drops falling on my shoe. Cursed again that it was bleeding. Spent a few minutes trying to wash off the blood with the water from the fall. Decided not to wear those cursed shoes again and starting walking barefoot.

I plucked a big leaf from the near-by plant, pressed it against the would to stop the bleeding and started to walk. It started pouring heavily at this point making the trek even more awesome. We avoided slippery rocks and stuck to mud and grass most of the route. I think we climbed like 5 times the height of the water-fall and reached a point where it was just steep rock unclimbable without ropes etc. Took a couple of pics from here, try to remember the path we came from which we couldn’t and walked further in a different route.

We came across a guest house and asked them for directions. They were just campers who were shocked to look at a bunch of folks coming out of bushes, one of whom had blood coming out of his forehead. One of them told us that it might be a couple of kilometers and showed us the car route in which they drove to reach that place. We were a little tired, so decided to walk down that route only. We saw a couple of good spots where the entire area was viewable full of waterfalls and took pictures and stood there for a while and headed back.

When we reached back about 3 hours after we started, I asked for the first-aid box and it was then they figured out it was a deep cut and might need stitches. The nearest hospital was 10 km away. We took a jeep and went. And they guessed right, I needed two stitches. Nagaraju felt sick and so stood outside the room.

It was dark by the time we came back. I had a lot of fun playing with Ahika, answering her endless stream of questions. She calls me Thej baba, Vaibhav as BowBow mama.

The next day, we took Sarala and Ahika along with us to the earlier point we visited (the one that had proper road). I guess this was Ahika’s first trek :-). She was super enthused. I was careful enough not to get my head wet in the rain. Vaibhav and I were amazed at the amount of patience Nagaraju and Sarala had. I don’t think I am parent material if that’s what it takes. Vaibhav said it best when he said “It’s not gonna happen for me”.

We still had a lot of time and decided to check the Bhushi dam before heading back. Had a whole lot of fun there. Vaibhav went till the top. Nagaraju accompanied him to a certain extant and I was baby-sitting Ahika in shallow harmless water (I was told not to get my head wet at any cost for another week because of the stitches). Had a couple of Pav-bhajis and Cheese pakkoda and headed back to the bus stop.


All in all a fun trip. Of course I will have a couple of problems because of this, a minor scar is gonna remain unless I take some proper treatment. I cannot run till the stitches are removed which means my dream of achieving 5km in 20 mins before 24th August might now happen. I need to be a little extra careful till this Sunday.


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